Master Stylist + Manager

Jess is a Master Stylist who excels at cuts, color plus hand and scalp massages. Jess has received extra training specializing in Men's Cuts under Robert Cromeans and loved getting additional education with Label M, Kevin Murphy and Oribe. Her scissor cuts and fades are fast, efficient and fantastic. Hair is like an art form with is why it appeals to Jess. "I am artistic in many ways. I draw paint, sew and make people look good from the neck up!" We love that Jess is dedicated to customer service with often working through her lunch or squeezing in an extra haircut. She is precision and speed all mixed into one.


Master Stylist

Julia came to Portland from Russia and has been on our team for over 6 years much to the delight of our clients. Julia has had extensive advanced training and 
is an expert at men's hair. Customer service is just as important to Julia as giving a superb haircut, and she is always willing to go above and beyond for her clients.

Master Stylist

Sam loves learning all she can about men's haircuts and has had extensive advanced training, including the American Crew Menswork Advanced Cutting Classes, along with advanced courses with Label M and Mens Dept. Sam is exceptional at tight fades and shattered or disheveled cuts. Her attention to detail truly sets her apart. "I pride myself on being meticulous with every cut. I want each client to have a personalized service they deserve."

Level 4 Senior Stylist

Natalia came top the US from the Ukraine and has been making clients happy with her exceptional skill and beautiful accent ever since. Natalia has had advanced training in American Crew, Men's Dept, Label M and DS Labs and she is always eager to impress her clients with her grace and men's hair cutting expertise.

Level 3 Stylist

Tonya is somewhat of an Oregonian, if you consider Vancouver, Washington a suburb to Portland that is. Tonya loves men's haircutting and takes pride in giving an amazing scalp massage that keeps her clients happy and relaxed!  She is a sushi lover and loves to travel. 

Level 2 Stylist + Esthetician

Ashley has always been artistic and creative and she loves using her clipper to create masterpieces. Besides hair and art, she also has a passion for trying new wine and food locally and abroad. 

Level 2 Stylist

Lastacia is a very outgoing and charismatic human being who loves to be out in nature. She was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, and has been cutting hair for six years. Lastacia enjoys long naps on the beach and spending time with her family and friends. She appreciates having a diverse clientele and providing the highest level of service.

Level 2 Stylist

Come meet our newest stylist! 

Director of Operations

Michelle is Hair M's longest standing management team member besides Celeste. Personnel development and guest retention are two of Michelle's passions. "I believe the secret to exceptional customer service is being genuine. Don't ask a question you if you don't care about the answer. Make your guests needs your needs, go the extra mile and care about the result and you will always be successful. Connecting with people, whether it is staff, guests or the community is the most important part of my job. I believe every person has something special to offer and I love discovering it."

president / founder

Celeste founded Hair M in 2003 after working in marketing for over 11 years. With no salon industry background, she left her job as VP of Business Development for a marketing agency and opened one of the country's first male grooming shops. Celeste studied marketing and business at the University of Oregon and Portland State University, receiving her MBA in 2000.  Celeste loves to travel and has experienced over 25 countries and counting.