Traditional Men's Haircut

Tailored men’s haircut, with shampoo, conditioning and styling.

Level 2$40Book Now

Level 3$42Book Now

Level 4$44Book Now

Master Stylist$45+Book Now

King's Cut

Get the royal treatment: shampoo, conditioning, tailored men’s haircut, styling, steamed towel, plus a 5-minute scalp massage and stress-relieving neck rub. Our most popular men’s haircut service.

Level 2$50Book Now

Level 3$52Book Now

Level 4$54Book Now

Master Stylist$57+Book Now

Platinum Haircut

It doesn’t get any better than this! A King’s Cut with a 10-minute scalp massage and a hand massage too. 

Level 2$65Book Now

Level 3$67Book Now

Level 4$69Book Now

Master Stylist$72+Book Now

Royal Buzz

More than your ordinary clipper cut. It includes a stress-relieving neck rub, steamed towel and a 10-minute scalp massage too. 

Level 2$40Book Now

Level 3$42Book Now

Level 4$44Book Now

Master Stylist$47+Book Now

Latest Boy's Cut

A tailored men's haircut, shampoo and styling for young men 18 and under.

Level 2$30Book Now

Level 3$32Book Now

Level 4$35Book Now

Master Stylist$37+Book Now

Toddler Trim (15 minutes)$15+Book Now

Just a Buzz

A precise, no-nonsense clipper cut. One guard only.

Level 2$20Book Now

Level 3$22Book Now

Level 4$24Book Now

Master Stylist$25+Book Now

Walk-in Barber Cut

No time for the full Hair M experience? Stop by our Downtown, Beaverton and Pearl location for a standard men's cut, without the frills. 

If a walk-in barber is not immediately available and another stylist is, you can elect to have a cut at $5 off the Traditional Cut price for that stylist. 

Walkin Barber Cut$30Book Now

Buzz (1 blade)$18Book Now

Boy's Cut (18 and under)$25Book Now

Add on a shampoo $5Book Now



Our skilled team of stylists can offer you a variety of men's haircuts and services to fit your needs


Take years off. Blend out grey with a 5-minute treatment created specifically for men


Our hot towel shave includes a face and hand massage


Rejuvenate your body with a relaxing massage treatment in Portland or Beaverton. This is full-body heaven


Designed to introduce men to the basic steps of routine grooming and skin care

Waxing and Body

Remove unwanted or unruly hair, with results that last much longer than shaving


Treat yourself to one of these grooming packages

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